Winter Newsletter 2015

Adventist Academy News
Volume 3, Number 1, First Semester, 2014-2015
By the news team: Editor Naomi Hernandez, Alexis Arguello, Anabelle Averella, Isaiah Ortega and Isaiah Santillanes

“Outdoor School” in Ruidoso
     AASF 6th, 7th and 8th graders went on a field trip to Ruidoso this Fall to learn survival skills in the outdoors. Unfortunately, it rained most of the time but we learned lots of skills like how to safely start a fire and do nature crafts. 
     We acted out plays about relationships, caring for others and God’s love.  We slept in tents alongside students from other schools who were at the same event. 
     We saw quite a few animals: five deer eating grass, Angelique and Alexis almost stepped on a snake, and we found a large spider that we boys had to take out!
      Some funny things happened, too, like when Alex and I got confused in the rain and entered the wrong tent much to the surprise of those sleeping inside!
                        --Isaiah Ortega, grade 7

Fall Festival a Success!
The Adventist Academy had its second successful Fall Festival for a second year on November 2.  There were lots of fun and entertaining games like pumpkin ring toss, pumpkin carving, bowling, a cake walk, bouncy house and a silent auction.  There was also delicious and tasty food: Frito pies, caramel apples, popcorn, fried chili corn and cold drinks.  
     There were lots of people who helped out with the event, students and their family members.  They worked very hard and at the end of the day their efforts were rewarded with about $2,000 income to help the Home and School Committee in its efforts to support the school.                                        --Isaiah Santillanes, grade 7

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
     Our school had a special trip to a pumpkin patch to celebrate Thanksgiving and we were happy that Crestview Christian School from Albuquerque could be there, too.  We got to pick out some pumpkins to take home and chose some more for the Fall Festival back at school. 
     We also got to feed the goats at the farm and visit a miniature themed village that was on the property.  Annabelle said she really enjoyed the corn maze that the students went through.  Isaiah Ortega admitted he got lost in there and Angelique really liked the hay ride. Next day back at school all we could talk about was  the great time we had among the pumpkins!
                                                --Naomi Hernandez, grade 8

We Welcome a New Teacher
This year AASF has a new teacher for grades 4-8, Mrs. Casey Martinez.  Our principal, Mrs. Jenkins, is now the teacher for grades K-3.  We asked Mrs. Martinez how she decided to come to teach in Santa Fe from her hometown of Alamosa, Colorado.  “I felt like God was calling me here,” she said.  “I like the weather and the students here at this school.”  She said when she first came she was terrified to come to a place where she didn’t know anyone but now she says she made the right decision and “I believe I did what God called me to do.”
            She comes from long experience as a teacher aide in addition to her degree in education, which she received last year from Adams State University.  She first studied Speech Pathology but her friends saw that she had a gift as a teacher and convinced her to switch to an education degree.  She now feels that that is what God wanted her to do all along.  Her students at our school think she’s an awesome teacher, too!                                                                        --Alexis Arguello, grade 7

New Students Talk About School
Among the students at Adventist Academy, twelve are new at the school.  Recently, I asked them how their school year is going.  Kindergartner Jorge Hernandez said “I like that I get to see my friends every day at school.”  Second grader Lilliana Ortega said “I like language arts the best because it challenges me.”
     One of three sixth graders, Hezekiah Hall, said “I like this school because it has higher education than   public school and there are cool people to hang out with.  Everyone is friendly and nice.”  His favorite activity is PE when everyone plays capture the flag.  Seventh-grader, Isaiah Ortega, said “I like this school because the teachers aren’t as strict as in my old school.  I also like the playground equipment, especially the red monkey bars because I can sit and talk to friends.”
     I’m also a new student here and I agree that it is a friendly place.  Math, my favorite class, challenges me and I enjoy being with my friends at school every day.
--Anabelle Averella, grade 7