Cindy's Story

            “We used to have such fun at school and the big arroyo behind the church was our playground!”  Cindy Arguello remembers fondly her days in the Santa Fe Christian School at the Marcy Park Church.  “Those are days I’ll never forget,” she reminisces.  “I ‘ve wished my children could have the same experience.”  Cindy, now a mother herself, benefitted from that early childhood education she received at the hands of dedicated Adventist teachers. 
            Recent research reveals that an Adventist education gives kids an advantage over students at other schools.  They are clear thinkers and score above the national average on standardized tests.  They are uniquely successful and 80% go on to earn a college degree.  Cindy herself went on to become the manager of the clinical laboratory at the Christus St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe where she works today.  Unfortunately, that little Adventist school she attended closed years ago.
            No one could be more excited than she that the four Santa Fe Adventist Churches joined forces to operate a new school called the Adventist Academy of Santa Fe.  And, to Cindy's surprise, the board decided to start the school right where she was a student, at the Marcy Park Church on the north side of the city!  The property has an auditorium and installation of a modular unit provides adequate classroom space. There’s a playground on site and a city recreation center and park are just a short walk away.  The school has open enrollment to permit community families to enroll their children in any of the grades K-9.